• As Saskim Petrol A.Ş. have been present in Turkey and Middle East since June 2012 where we import and market oils and greases for the automotive sector and for industry. Gazpromneft-Lubricants is third largest manufacturer of lubricants in Russia that belongs to the Gazprom group, one of the world’s foremost companies in the hydrocarbon and energy sectors.
  • Our goal is to create a company with a global brand recognized as a world leader in the lubricants sector in terms of technology, marketing and customer services.


Saskim Petrol A.Ş., was represented in Turkey and close markets strategy by making distributorship agreement with SASKİM PETROCHEMICALS LTD. Companies know-how about operation, sales and marketing strategies will achieve targets step by step according to Gazpromneft-Lubricants global strategy.

Today SASKİM PETROCHEMICALS. has its main office and administrative unit in Istanbul, while the warehouse is in the industrial area of İzmit. The company import from production plants in Russia and Italy and markets oils and greases under the Gazpromneft brand. It is present in the automotive market, where it serves garages, dealers, fleets and retailers and in the industrial sector with major supplies to steel, cement and paper mills and other groups.

Policy for Quality, Environment and Safety

SASKIM. endorses Policy for Quality, Environment and Safety (QHES) of Gazpromneft-Lubricants LTD.

QHES issues are one of the top priorities in the Company’s industrial activity and represent an integral part of its efficient business management strategy.

Gazpromneft conducts its operations on the basis of optimal combination of market strategies, administrative measures and self-control methods in relation to rational utilisation of primary power resources, with full awareness of its responsibilities.

In its industrial activities Gazpromneft firmly adheres to the following guidelines:

  • Demonstrate commitment through leadership and participation at all levels by actively consulting employees. Create a work environment where employees are proud to work, showing responsibility of their actions, meeting customer needs and requirements
  • Demonstrate strict compliance to safety and environment rules and regulations by preventing injuries and protecting ecological resources, striving in minimising environmental damage caused by industrial activity
  • Continuously improve by the development of objectives, annual targets and improvement plans. Use preventive techniques to eliminate pollution, improve energy efficiency and reduce discharges, wastes and consumption of natural resources in all aspects of operations. Focus on efficiency including managing product conformance and commercial activities
  • Conducts its industrial activities on the basis of safe practices and maintain a state of permanent readiness for adequate and prompt response in case of an emergency at the Company’s production and processing facilities
  • Communicate the Policy to employees and contractors, being sure it’s fully understood; periodically check processes are conform to that, taking adequate corrective actions when needed
  • Protect environment health and safety of employees, contractors and neighbours through implementing and integrated HES system in each work process by analysing and minimizing any potential risk
  • Being recognized by customers for our reliability, efficiency, and by supplying products of the correct quality, quantity and on time.
  • Provide information, training and supervision necessary to implement the present Policy. Work with suppliers and contractors that use equivalent standards
  • Implement and maintain production, storage and transport conditions that guarantee products requirements are always met
  • Support research, development and investment into technologies to lower the Health, Environmental and Safety impact of operations and hazards of the products over their whole life cycle.
  • Consult, inform and influence stakeholders about the health, environmental and safety aspects of our activities and products, taking account of their concerns.


Gazprom Produces highest quality product under G-Energy and Gazpromneft brands.

  • Gasoline and diesel engine oils for cars, vans and light trucks
  • Gear oils for manual and automatic transmissions of cars, vans and light trucks
  • Oils for two-stroke gasoline engines
  • Professional servicing

G-Energy branded oils are developed for the latest European, U.S. and Japanese cars. The range offers two product series – F Synth (fully synthetic oils) and S Synth (semi-synthetic oils). All G-Energy oils meet the latest requirements of world's leading OEMs. This is confirmed by the approvals of Mercedes Benz, VW, BMW, Porsche, Renault, and GM.

G-Energy key advantage is energy saving properties that release engine power both for fuel economy and power-up.

G-Energy Product Range

Gazpromneft-Lubricants unveils its new range of high-quality engine and gear oils for passenger vehicles. The oils are designed to deliver reliable protection of engines in cars, vans and light trucks. The wide product range offers engine oils for both foreign and domestic vehicles. Advanced properties of these oils make them suitable for use in new and high-mileage cars.

The high quality is confirmed by leading automotive OEMs' approvals.

Approvals/Specifications: MB 229.3; VW 502 00/505 00; Porsche A40; Renault RN 710/700; AVTOVAZ, JSC; ZMZ, JSC; Russian Association of Automotive Engineers.


  • Diesel oils for heavy-duty trucks, road and off-road equipment
  • Gear oils for manual and automatic transmissions of heavy trucks and other mobile equipment
  • Hydraulic oils

G-Profi oils range for commercial vehicles is manufactured under the strictest requirements of world's OEMs for quality. All the G-Profi oils are produced at Gazpromneft-Lubricants' state-of-the-art blending facility in Bari (Italy).

G-Profi oils are formulated from base stocks and additives that received approvals of European, U.S. and Japanese automotive OEMs.

European technology and strict observance of quality requirements are the hallmarks of G-Profi oils that ensure trouble-free operation and longevity of engines under the most severe conditions.

G-Profi Product Range

Gazpromneft-Lubricants unveils its new range of high-quality engine and gear oils for commercial vehicles. The Diesel series is developed to deliver outstanding protection of diesel engines in trucks, buses and construction equipment running under various operating conditions including the maximum speed and extreme loads.

The products are recommended for use in a wide operating temperature range. The high quality is confirmed by leading automotive OEMs' approvals.

Approvals/Specifications: MAN М3275; Cummins CES 20078; МВ 228.3; MTU cat.2; Volvo VDS-3; Caterpillar ECF-1a; Komatsu KES 07.851.1; Renault RLD/RLD-2; KAMAZ, JSC; Avtodizel, JSC (YAMZ); Russian Association of Automotive Engineers


  • The oils are intended for lubrication of industrial equipment
  • Hydraulics, gears, presses, rolling mills and others.

Gazpromneft product line comprises hydraulic, turbine, gear, compressor, and quenching oils, as well as lubricants for slide ways, paper-making machines and rolling mills.

For the production of its range of industrial oils, greases and technical fluids, Gazpromneft-Lubricants partners the most reputable lubricant technology developers, such as Afton and Lubrizol.