About Saskim

Our expertise extends across various modes of transportation, including air, land, and sea, ensuring seamless and efficient commercial operations. Specializing in the Middle East and Africa, Saskim Petrol Kimya is your trusted partner for comprehensive services in sales, marketing, operations, customer relations, business development, technical consultancy, and analysis.

Our Distinctive Features:

Global Trading Prowess: Saskim Petrol Kimya is a powerhouse in global trade, conducting expansive export, import, and transit operations with precision and reliability.

Multi-Modal Expertise: With proficiency in air, land, and sea transportation, we seamlessly execute commercial operations, ensuring the efficient movement of goods worldwide.

Founding Excellence: Since our inception in June 2012, Saskim Petrol Kimya has been dedicated to excellence, integrity, and continuous innovation.

Strategic Hub in Istanbul: Our centrally located office in Istanbul, Turkey, serves as a strategic hub for our global operations, connecting continents and facilitating international business endeavors.

Focus on the Middle East and Africa: Saskim Petrol Kimya strategically operates in the dynamic markets of the Middle East and Africa, contributing to regional growth and development.

Expertise in Lubricants: Specializing in a comprehensive range of lubricants, Saskim Petrol Kimya excels in every aspect of sales, marketing, operations, customer relations, business development, technical consultancy, and analysis for these critical products.

Diverse Global Trade Experience: With a wealth of experience in different product ranges, Saskim Petrol Kimya is a seasoned player in the global trade arena.

What We Do?

What we do tests
  • Our range of supplied mineral oil categories encompasses essential products such as engine oil, hydraulic oil, grease, antifreeze, and more, meeting diverse industrial requirements.

  • We also offer the supply of AdBlue, ensuring a comprehensive range of solutions to meet industry demands.

  • We possess the capability to conduct thorough Research and Development studies on mineral oils, leveraging our expertise to deliver insightful and innovative solutions.

  • We engage in direct collaboration with ABIC Testing Laboratories, Inc., a globally renowned entity, to uphold the highest standards in our partnerships.

  • We offer specialized technical support services to lubricant companies, ensuring comprehensive assistance and expertise in addressing their unique needs.

  • We possess the capability to procure essential documents for lubricant trade from internationally certified entities in the regions where we operate. Additionally, we offer comprehensive testing services and provide essential data to ensure regulatory compliance.

  • In general, we strategically cultivate our partners' enterprises, facilitating business growth and diversification of their product portfolio.

As Saskim Petrol Kimya, we invite you to explore our world of possibilities, where integrity meets innovation, and excellence is our commitment. Welcome to a journey of trust, collaboration, and success.